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Bushmaster Parts

Midwest Gun Works is proud to offer a wide assortment of parts and accessories for the Bushmaster AR-15 Platform. We carry Bushmaster AR-15 uppers, magazines, stocks and handguards, sights, mounts, rails, tools,  and AR-15 parts. If you don't see the part you are looking for, keep checking back. We update our website daily and are continually expanding our extensive inventory. For a complete list of parts please scroll down. To purchase parts specific to either the upper or lower assembly, click on the appropriate schematic below for a detailed and clickable schematic.

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AAC .300 BLK 16" AR Barrel (Pistol Length Gas System)
Code: BAR09105
Price: $129.00
Sold Out

Bushmaster 5.56/.223 Magpul MOE Lower Assembly
Code: F1003618
Price: $169.00
Sold Out

Bushmaster Complete 5.56/.223 Lower Assembly With Collapsible Stock
Code: F1003645
Price: $169.00
Sold Out

Bushmaster AR-15 Stripped Lower 5.56 /.223
Code: F1003299
Price: $49.00
Sold Out

Bushmaster 5.56 /.223 Lower Assembly
Code: F1003711
Price: $118.00
Sold Out

Bushmaster Complete A2 5.56/.223 Lower Assembly
Code: F1003629
Price: $169.00
Sold Out

Bushmaster .308 Stripped Lower Receiver
Code: F1005110
Price: $299.00
In Stock
Bushmaster .223 16" A2 Heavy Barrel Carbine Upper
Code: F1007416
Price: $435.00
In Stock
Bushmaster .223 16" A2 Patrolmans Carbine Upper
Code: F1007419
Price: $459.00
In Stock

Bushmaster .223/5.56mm 20" Predator Complete Upper
Code: F1007682
Price: $809.99
In Stock
Bushmaster .223/5.56mm 24" Varmint Complete Upper
Code: F1007687
Price: $849.99
Sold Out

Bushmaster 16" 5.56/.223 Dissipator Barrel Assembly
Code: F1003496
Price: $222.32
In Stock

Bushmaster .223/5.56 mm 20" Heavy Barrel
Code: F1003557
Price: $199.99
Sold Out

Bushmaster 5.56 / .223 24" Heavy Barrel Assembly
Code: F1003584
Price: $219.99
Sold Out

Bushmaster .223 24" National Match Heavy Barrel Assembly
Code: F1003585
Price: $243.00
Sold Out

Bushmaster Carbon 15 (Old Style) Stripped Bolt Carrier
Code: F1003963
Price: $61.99
In Stock
Bushmaster 5.56 / .223 Complete Bolt Carrier Group
Code: F1002887
Price: $86.00
In Stock
Bushmaster 5.56/.223 Bolt Carrier And Key Assembly
Code: F1002908
Price: $139.00
In Stock

Bushmaster Carbon 15 Complete Bolt Assembly (Old Style)
Code: F1003961
Price: $79.00
Sold Out

Bushmaster 5.56/.223 Bolt Carrier Key
Code: F1002913
Price: $16.00
In Stock
Bushmaster AR / M2 Complete V-Match Flat Top Upper Receiver
Code: F1005620
Price: $199.00
Sold Out

Bushmaster A2 Stripped Upper Receiver
Code: F1003247
Price: $139.00
In Stock
Bushmaster M2 Stripped Upper Receiver
Code: F1002991
Price: $157.00
In Stock
Bushmaster Accu Wedge
Code: F1000946
Price: $2.00
In Stock

Bushmaster Super Light Barrel Bushings
Code: F1002411
Price: $9.00
In Stock
Bushmaster Bolt Assembly Bolt Assembly (complete)
Code: F1009935
Price: $69.00
Sold Out

Bushmaster 5.56/.223 Bolt Catch Roll Pin 3/32" x 1/2"
Code: F1001642
Price: $2.50
In Stock

Bushmaster .308 Bolt Catch
Code: F1000599
Price: $11.00
In Stock
Bushmaster .308 Bolt Catch Screw
Code: F1000600
Price: $7.00
In Stock
Bushmaster AR15 Bolt Catch Spring
Code: F1003091
Price: $1.80
In Stock

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