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Lights and Lasers

MGW is proud to offer a variety of lights and lasers from some of the leading manufactureres in the industry such as EoTech, Crimson Trace, Insight, LaserMax, TacStar and C-More Systems. If your looking for a tactical light or laser for your handgun or long gun, you've come to the right spot.

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Colt Mustang Lasermax CenterFire Frame Mounted Laser
Code: W2970
Price: $129.00
Sold Out

EOTech Integrated Forend Light For Remington 870
Code: IFLREM250
Price: $279.99
In Stock
Remington 870 Tactical Flashlight
Code: FM870FL
Price: $37.00
In Stock

Lasermax Uni Max Red Laser Sight
Price: $167.50
Sold Out

Lasermax Rail Mount Uni Max Green Laser
Price: $312.00
In Stock
Uni Max Micro Rail Mount Laser, Red
Price: $119.00
Sold Out

Lasermax Genesis, Green Rechargeable Laser
Price: $220.00
In Stock
FNH C-More Systems CRW Sight
Code: 1800000001
Price: $279.00
Sold Out

FNH C-More Systems ARW4 Aluminum Red Dot Sight
Code: 1897851240
Price: $349.00
In Stock

Beretta 92, 96 and M9 Laser Grip by Crimson Trace
Code: LG302
Price: $289.00
In Stock
Browning Hi-Power Laser Grip
Code: LG309
Price: $289.00
In Stock
Crimson Trace Ruger LCP Laserguard
Code: LG431
Price: $189.00
In Stock

Tacstar Weapons Light System
Code: 1081025
Price: $80.00
In Stock
Insight Weapon Light One QR for Long Gun
Code: WL1-000-A4
Price: $229.95
In Stock
Insight Weapon Light One for Pistols
Code: WL1-000-A3
Price: $189.00
In Stock

Insight IR Black Weapon Light Kit With Rotation Mount
Code: VBL-000-A13
Price: $388.50
In Stock
Insight M Series Sub Compact Handgun X2 Light Laser
Code: MTV-100-A1
Price: $151.54
In Stock
Insight M6X Tactical Laser Illuminator Slide Lock Long Gun 1913
Code: M6X-000-A1
Price: $248.97
In Stock

Insight M Series LED X2 Sub Compact Handgun Light
Code: MTV-700-A1
Price: $153.30
In Stock
Insight M Series X2 Sub Compact Xenon Tactical Illuminator
Code: MTV-000-A1
Price: $87.15
In Stock
Insight M3 Universal Handgun Tactical Illuminator
Code: GLL-001-A1
Price: $61.95
In Stock

Insight M6 Handgun Laser /Tactical Illuminator
Code: TLI-000-A1
Price: $151.54
In Stock
Insight AA Weapon Light/Laser Long Gun Kit Quick Release
Code: WL1-000-A2
Price: $283.50
In Stock
Insight M3X LED Pistol Tactical Illuminator
Code: M3X-700-A13
Price: $146.14
In Stock

Insight M6X LED Pistol Laser Illuminator
Code: M6X-700-A13
Price: $265.21
Sold Out

EOTech Integrated Mossberg Shotgun LED Forend Light
Code: IFLMOSS120
Price: $249.00
In Stock
Insight M3 LED Tactical Pistol Illuminator
Code: GLL-700-A1
Price: $115.50
In Stock

TacStar Shotgun Rail Mount Small
Code: 1081100
Price: $24.99
In Stock
Glock GTL 10 Xenon Tac Light
Code: GTL10
Price: $89.00
In Stock
Crimson Trace Defender Series Glock Full Size & Compact Laser
Code: DS-121
Price: $109.95
In Stock

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