It was in the fall of 1982, when my new friend Jon said he had a machine that could make shotgun shells. Since we always found ourselves shooting squirrels and birds along the banks of the Mississippi River, his idea struck me. I had no idea what was in store, but for two teenage boys from a small town, there was nothing else to do. After thousands of pulls on the handle of a Mec 600 Jr, a lifelong friendship was formed, a love for all things firearms was created, and the blackbird population in our small town would never again be the same. Fast forward a decade and some years, and we were working as gunsmiths for a major firearms manufacturer. It was during that time that we discovered some things. Gunsmiths were hard to find and having confidence in one was even harder. It was evident that the art of gunsmithing and craftsmanship was needed on a much larger scale. We wanted to create a centralized place that anyone nationwide could send a project to and have the confidence the work would meet their expectations. The idea of putting together some of the best gunsmiths, machinists, engravers and wood refinishers under one roof to work on all brands, makes, and models took off rather quickly. We decided to model the process after some of Europe's early guild operations. We wanted to create a place unlike the typical shop that was limited in scope and knowledge.

In the spring of 1997, Midwest Gun Works (MGW) was born. From the early stages, we set out to keep turnaround time at a minimum. In order to do so, we realized our firearms service center needed to be fully stocked at all times. Midwest Gun Works began purchasing large quantities of both current and obsolete firearm parts from manufactures worldwide, smaller gun shops, and even individuals. MGW has grown at a rapid pace from its early days spent working out of Jon's basement to today's base in Pevely, Missouri.

MGW services firearms from most major manufactures, big box retailers and individuals. We are able to provide quality merchandise to our customers thanks to our firearm parts and accessories branch. Midwest Gun Works continues to grow with both a new manufacturing division, as well as a new e-commerce fulfillment center, which is exclusively for the outdoor industry. We certainly could not have achieved and grown without support from our great customers, employees, family, and friends.

A sincere thank you to all.