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H&R Gun Parts

Coming Soon! Parts and accessories for H&R Shotguns. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding products to this category. So keep checking back, the new inventory is rolling in daily! Click on the product image or product name for a more detailed description or to purchase online. If you don't see the product you are looking for, keep checking back!!


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H&R / NEF Invector Choke tubes, 12 Ga.
Code: 7294
Price: $17.00
In Stock
H&R / NEF Invector Choke tubes, 20 Ga.
Code: 7295
Price: $17.00
In Stock
H&R / NEF Offset Hammer Spur Kit
Code: 72918
Price: $10.50
In Stock

H&R / NEF Handi-Grip Synthetic Stock and Forearm Set
Code: 72900
Price: $58.00
In Stock
Ballistic Specialties Choke Tube Wrench
Code: WRE
Price: $20.00
In Stock
H & R 1 Piece Integral Scope Mount
Code: 72924
Price: $26.15
In Stock

H & R Scope Mount With Offset Hammer Spur
Code: 72920
Price: $19.00
In Stock
Green Canvas Choke Tube Carrier
Code: 22512
Price: $9.00
In Stock
Black Canvas Choke Tube Case
Code: 98120A
Price: $9.00
In Stock

Grace USA 5 Piece Browning Screwdriver Set
Code: HG-5
Price: $36.99
Sold Out

Grace USA 7 Piece Steel Punch Set
Code: PS-7
Price: $31.99
In Stock
Grace USA 4 Piece Brass Starter Punch Set
Code: BSP-4
Price: $19.99
In Stock

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