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Winchester 1400/1500 Online Parts

All parts listed in this category are specific to the Winchester model 140, 1400 or 1500 unless otherwise noted. Click on any part number highlighted in red to view specific details or to purchase online. It is recommended that all parts be fit by a qualified gunsmith. Not all parts that are available for online purchase are shown on the schematic. Please scroll down for a complete list of all parts available. For a printable schematic or parts list, click here.

Barrels Chokes Sights Valve Cap O-Ring Slide Arm Piston Pin Magazine Tube Follower Damper Spring Magazine Spring Piston Return Spring Stocks and Forearms Buttplates and Recoil Pads Butt Stock Bolt Butt Stock Bolt Washer Trigger Guard Pin Ejector Ejector Spring Ejector Retainer Ejector Retainer Screw Breech Bolt Slide Breech Bolt Cocking Handle Bridge Extractor Cam Pin Firing Pin Firing Pin Spring Extractor Spring Firing Pin Collar Magazine Throat Carrier Release Spring Hammer Hammer Spring Support Hammer Spring Support Hammer Spring Sear Assembly Disconnector Assembly Disconnector Spring Hammer Housing Hammer Stop Pin Carrier Plunger Carrier Spring Trigger Carrier Assembly Slide Support Left Slide Support Right Trigger Guard Safety Hammer Pin Stocks & Forearms Winchester 1400 and 1500 Schematic

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Winchester 1400 / 1500 Spare Part and Spring Kit
Code: W1400PK
Price: $29.00
In Stock
Winchester 1400 12GA Complete Trigger Group
Code: 13311
Price: $150.00
Sold Out

Winchester Model 1400 / Valve Cap Assembly with 1" Swivel
Code: 6861A2030
Price: $63.25
In Stock

Winchester Rear Stock Swivel Insert , 1"
Code: 9991A0170
Price: $10.00
Sold Out

Winchester 1400 Forearm Spacer O-Ring
Code: 2460A2070
Price: $8.65
In Stock
Winchester 1400 / 1500 Slide Arm
Code: 5800A2050
Price: $35.00
In Stock

1400 / 1500 Piston Pin
Code: 4130A0PP
Price: $7.95
In Stock
Winchester 1400 / 1500 Magazine Tube
Code: 3800A2020
Price: $46.00
Sold Out

1400/1500 Magazine Follower 20 Gauge
Code: 3600A2080
Price: $16.50
In Stock

Model 1400 Magazine Damper Spring
Code: 6400A0130
Price: $8.65
In Stock
Winchester 1400 / 1500 Magazine Spring
Code: 6400A1630
Price: $11.50
In Stock
Winchester 1300 Magazine Cap Retainer
Code: U123122010
Price: $5.00
In Stock

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