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Browning BAR Safari Rifle Parts

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Part No.          Description

B317600602 Action Spring BAR All

B317676002 Action Spring Guide BAR II & Lwt.

B317678702 Bolt Release Pin, BAR II

B317678811 Bolt Release POS Spring II

B317675901 Bolt Cover, BAR II & LWT

B317604814 Bolt, Mag Cal BAR all & BPR

B317678402 Bolt Release BAR II

B317606404 Bolt Sleeve, Mag BAR II / LWT

B317606304 Bolt Sleeve, Standard BAR II / LIGHT

B317604514 Bolt, Standard Caliber BAR all & BPR

B317606501 Buffer, BAR all

B317678102 Buffer Plate, Frt BAR II & LWT

B317677902 Buffer Plate Ret BAR II & LWT

BST1408001 Butt Plate A-500 & BAR I & II

BST1431801 Butt Plate Screws

B317690402 Butt Stock BAR II (00)

B327921203 Butt Stock w/Pad BAR LWT & BPR

B317690512 Butt Stock w/ Pad BAR II

B317690802 Butt Stock Stalker Standard & Magnum

B317689903 Butt Stock Standard & Magnum (HG)

B317607601 Cam Pin BAR all & BPR

B317687412 Discon Pin, BAR II-LWT & BPR

B317687203 Disconnect BAR II-LWT & BPR

B317682601 Disconnector Spring BAR II

BST7609601 Eject Ret Pin BAR all & BPR

BST7609002 Ejector BAR all & BPR

B317609901 Ejector Spring, BAR all & BPR

B317610102 Extractor, BAR all & BPR

B317610501 Extractor Spring, BAR all & BPR

B317612402 F.A. Escutcheon BAR all

B317697002 Fa Mag BAR II Classic (00)

B317696702 Fa Standard BAR II Classic (00)

B317611402 Firing Pin Ret Pin BAR & BPR

B317611701 Firing Pin Spring BAR all & BPR

B317611001 Firing Pin BAR all & BPR

B317696603 Forearm Stalker Standard

B317698302 Forearm Magnum (HG)

B317697102 Forearm Magnum BAR II

B317697902 Forearm Magnum BAR LWT

B317696503 Forearm Stalker Magnum

B317697202 Forearm Standard (HG)

B317696802 Forearm Standard BAR II

B317697602 Forearm Standard BAR LWT

B317666502 Gas Cyl Cap BAR II & LWT

B317667902 Gas Piston BAR II & LWT

B317667001 Gas Regular Gasket BAR II & LWT

B317667202 Gas Reg Scr Lok Plg II LWT

B317667302 Gas Reg Scr Lok Scr II LWT

B317667102 Gas Reg Screw, BAR II & LWT

B317683013 Hammer BAR II & LWT

B317683402 Hammer Pin BAR

B317677202 Inertia Piece Spring RD II & LWT

B317677101 Inertia Spring Piece, BAR II & LWT

B317677003 Inertia Piece, BAR II & LWT

B317674513 Magazine Floorplate, BAR II LWT & BPR

B317618401 Magazine Floorplate Put Pin, all & BPR

B317671301 Magazine Floorplate Spring, II LWT & BPR

B317689001 Magazine Latch Pin, II LWT & BPR

B317688801 Magazine Lath Pin, BAR ALL BPR

B317689201 Magazine Latch Spn Plu, BAR all & BPR

B317688701 Mag Floor Plate Latch (00)

B317620801 Magazine Retaining Spring

B317683801 Mainspring Guide II LWT & BPR

B317684002 Mainspring Guide Supp II & LWT

B317684202 Mainspring Supp II LWT & BPR

B317683601 Mainspring, Right or Left

B317623201 Operating Handle Lock, BAR all

B317623601 Operating Handle Lock Pin, BAR

B317623801 Operating Handle Lock Spn, BAR

B317622802 Operating Handle, BAR all

+ B317670305 Receiver Mag (HG)

+ B317668105 Receiver, Magnum BAR

+ B317669404 Receiver, Magnum Caliber LWT

+ B317669404 Receiver, Stalker Magnum

+ B317669304 Receiver, Standard Stalker

+ B317669105 Receiver, Standard BAR

+ B317670205 Receiver, Standard Caliber (HG)

+ B317669304 Receiver, Standard Caliber LTW

B0008453 Recoil Pad, BAR I & II

BST7647001 Recoil Pad, BAR LWT & BPR & BAR

B317687001 Safety Spn Ret Pin II LWT & BPR

B317686101 Safety O-Ring II LWT & BPR

B317686801 Safety Spring II LWT & BPR

B317686002 Safety BAR II LWT & BPR

B317681803 Sear BAR II LWT & BPR

B317681302 Sear/Trig Pin II-LWT-BPR

BST7665611 Sgt Asy R Mag II-LWT-BPR

BST7665711 Sgt Asy R Std II-LWT-BPR

BST7664501 Sgt Mt Scrw F & R Med (94)

B317664302 Sgt Mt Scrw Rear Sht (94)

BST7664401 Sgt Rmp Scrw Frt Lng (94)

B317660303 Sight Fnt 327 II-LWT-BPR

B317660403 Sight Fnt 358 II-LWT-BPR

B317660503 Sight Fnt 390 II-LWT-BPR

BST7662201 Sight Hood II-LWT-BPR

BST7660111 Sight Rmp Fnt II-LWT-BPR

B317675204 Slide BAR R or L BAR II

B317675403 Slide Head BAR II

BST1423602 Sling Eye Rear BAR All & BPR

B317628602 Sling Eye Wash Front BAR

B317628402 Sling Eyelet Frt BAR All

BST1435001 Stock Bolt

BST1435401 Stock Bolt Lock Washer A-500 BAR II

B317629413 Stock Bolt Plate I & II

BST1435801 Stock Bolt Washer

BST7631002 Telescop Mt Fill Scrw

B317631612 Timing Latch Ret Pin BAR & BPR

B317631401 Timing Latch BAR I & II

B3279060 Timing Latch BAR-LWT & BPR

B317687802 Trigger Guard Ret Pin II LWT & BPR

B317688201 Trigger Guard Ret Pin Spring II

B317681114 Trigger BAR II LWT & BPR

B317680212 Trigger Guard (Alu Rec 00)

B317680013 Trigger Guard (Steel Rec 00)

B327915601 Trigger Guard Buffer BAR-LWT & BPR

B317680312 Trigger Guard Std/Mag (HG)


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Browning BAR II Safari / BAR Lightweight Slide Head
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