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Gunsmithing FAQ

MidwestGunWorks.com is Owned and Operated by
Midwest Gun Works, Inc
1101 Mason Circle Drive South
Pevely, MO,
Tel:  636-475-7300
Fax: 636-475-7303

Q: I Have never shipped a firearm for repair or restoration. How do I do that?

A: We recommend you package the firearm yourself. You know how fragile a firearm can be. There is no such thing as over packaging when shipping a firearm. Make sure that all components are well protected from each other and if you are not shipping in a case, double boxed in heavy cardboard. Include in the package a detailed letter or download our repair form, describing the work you wish quoted or the exact mechanical problem you are experiencing. Make sure your contact information with a daytime telephone number and return shipping information is present in the letter as well. We will contact you once we have had a chance to look over your firearm. When shipping a firearm, always insure against worse case scenario so, insure for the entire replacement cost. We accept firearms from any of the major shipping agents, UPS, Fed-Ex, US Mail, DHL etc. Firearms are returned using UPS exclusively.  

Note: Firearms being sent for service can be sent by an individual, they do not require transfer through an FFL licensee.

Q: How much does it cost to have my firearm repaired or restored?
A: Of course every case is different. There is no way for us to quote a repair or restoration until it is in our hands. Each firearm is quoted on an individual basis. Mechanical repairs are based on an hourly basis and any parts required are above and beyond the cost of the labor. Restoration labor rates are based soley on the condition of the firearm. We do not charge for a quote but, we do charge for return freight.    

Q: Will restoring my firearm hurt the value?
A:  This question will be debated until the end of time. There really is not a clear cut answer.  Our answer is no. We feel that if the restoration is done by quality craftsmen who understand and appreciate the firearm as a work of art as much as a tool, that it will not hurt the value of the firearm and in most cases can increase the value.

Q: How long does it take to perform a restoration or repair?
A: This varies depending on the workload. For a complete restoration, a good average is between eight and ten weeks. We strive for six to eight weeks on mechanical repairs but yet again, that is dependant upon how much work we have in the shop at that time. 

Q: Does my firearm need to be shipped through an FFL holder?
A:  In some instances, yes your firearm needs to be shipped through an FFL holder for repair or restoration work. If you are located in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or California, and you are sending a handgun in it must me shipped and returned to a FFL holder. If you are in Connecticut any firearm requiring service must be shipped from and returned to a FFL holder. In any other state not mentioned above it is not necessary to ship your firearm through a FFL holder.

Q: Is it possible for me to prep my firearm for refinishing and then send it to you?
A: We would prefer that you didn't. Metal and wood refinishing is a precise business and we prefer to handle all of the prep work here. Preserving the checkering and the fit of the wood and all of the various factory stampings and engravings on the metal is a critical part of the restoration process. Any damage that occurs to those areas, can result in extensive labor costs. 

Q: Is it possible to "touch up" bluing?
A: In a word, no. In our experience, the only way to fix a bad spot in the bluing is to reblue the entire component. Your other options are at best temporary and generally not very pleasing to the eye. 

Q: What is involved in a rebuild of an over and under or a side by side shotgun?
A: Simply put, it is a tightening of the action. The locking lug is refit to the barrel lugs. The forearm bracket is refit to the hinge area and some spring components may be replaced. The top lever is refit to the proper position which is angled slightly to the right.

Q: What is the difference between Salt Bluing and Rust Bluing?
A: The difference is extensive. Salt bluing is a conventional emersion bluing method in which bluing salts are used in a high temperature liquid solution to produce the blued finish. Rust bluing is a much more time intensive, low temperature process in which the bluing is "applied" to the metal. Rust or Belgian bluing as some refer to it, is only required on double guns that feature soft soldered barrels such as the Browning Superposed, the Winchester 101, 21 & 23, L.C. Smith, Perazzi, Krieghoff, and Beretta. Our bluing products are used exclusively by Midwest Gun Works and are not for sale to the general public.    

Q: What type of finish do you use on wood?
A: We offer three different styles of finish - A high gloss polyurethane finish, a spray on polyurethane satin finish and a hand rubbed oil finish. Our refinishing products are not for sale to the general public and are exclusive to the Midwest Gun Works refinishing department.