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Gunsmithing Pricelist

I Wood Refinishing I I Metal Refinishing II  Cerakote Finishing I
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Wood Refinishing                      More Information>

High Gloss Finish      
Type of Firearm Stock Only Forearm Only Both Stock & Forearm
Auto Shotgun $180 $145 $275
Pump Shotgun $180 $145 $275
2 Piece Rifle $180 $145 $275
O/U Shotgun $205 $145 $305
SxS Shotgun $205 $145 $305
One Piece Rifle $295 -- --
Satin Finish      
Type of Firearm Stock Only Forearm Only Both Stock & Forearm
Auto Shotgun $190 $155 $295
Pump Shotgun $190 $155 $295
2 Piece Rifle $190 $155 $295
O/U Shotgun $220 $155 $320
SxS Shotgun $220 $155 $320
One Piece Rifle $350 -- --
Oil Finish      
Type of Firearm Stock Only Forearm Only Both Stock & Forearm
Auto Shotgun $225 $185 $345
Pump Shotgun $225 $185 $345
2 Piece Rifle $225 $185 $345
O/U Shotgun $260 $185 $405
SxS Shotgun $260 $185 $405
One Piece Rifle $430 -- --
Wood Refinishing Notes:

Checkering: Wood refinishing does not include re-cutting of the checkering.
▪ No checkering will be lost during the refinishing process. ▪ ▪

Stock Repairs: Stocks and forearms requiring repairs due to chips, cracks, or neglect are subject to additional fees. ▪ Repairs are billed on an hourly basis and the current charge is $70.00/Hour

Side Plates, Gold Ovals, Wood Carving, and Skip Line Checkering: Any stock or forearm featuring Side Plates, Gold Ovals, Wood Carving, Skip Line Checkering, and some Pressed Checkering styles may be subject to additional fees.
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Metal Work, Bluing, Graying and Refinishing         More Information>

Salt Blue      
Type of Firearm Receiver Only Barrel Only Complete Firearm
Semi-Auto Shotgun $170 $125 $295
Pump Shotgun $170 $125 $295
O/U Shotgun $215 $205 $380
SxS Shotgun $215 $205 $380
Over Single Shotgun $215 $205 $380
Under Single Shotgun $215 $205 $380
Semi-Auto Rifles -- -- $240
Pump Rifles -- -- $250
Takedown .22 Rifles $110 $110 $205
Semi Auto Pistols -- -- $195
Bolt Action Rifles -- -- $240
Rust Blue      
Type of Firearm


Barrel Only Complete Firearm
Midas Grade Superposed N/A $385 $650
O/U Shotgun N/A $345 $490
SxS Shotgun N/A $345 $490
Over Single Shotgun N/A $345 $490
Under Single Shotgun N/A $345 $490
French Graying      
Type of Firearm Receiver Only Receiver Plus Blue Barrel(s)
Pigeon Grade Superposed $375 $675
Diana Grade Superposed $375 $675
O/U Shotgun $375 $675
SxS Shotgun $375 $675
Grade III BAR $330 $450
Grade IV BAR $330 $450
Grade II Takedown .22 $299 $375
Grade III Takedown .22 $299 $375
Note: "Receiver Only" refers to all Grayed components on the firearm.   Do not confuse French Gray with Silver Nitride Finishing
Metal Work, Bluing, Graying and Refinishing Notes:

Receiver Only:
"Receiver Only" refers to all metal components except barrel.
▪ Most bluing fades over time with or without use of the firearm. We recommend having both the receiver and the barrel reblued at the same time.

Rust, Pitting, and Neglect: Firearms that have heavy rust, pitting, or those showing signs of neglect are subject to additional fees.

Engraving: We currently do not perform any type of custom engraving due our back log of engraving work. ▪ Firearms with heavy pitting, rust, and neglect may require additional polishing that results in lost engraving. We do offer touch-up and re-engraving of factory patterns for the purpose of restoration. ▪ All engraving quotes will be given only upon visual inspection of the firearm ▪ Engraving quotes will not be delivered through e-mail or over the phone without prior inspection of an MGW gunsmith. ▪ Please do not send images of your engraving to us through e-mail, UPS, Fed-Ex, or The U.S.P.S, these images will be deleted or discarded. ▪ A gunsmith at our facility must have the firearm in his hand for an accurate quote to take place.

Triggers: Reblue, French Gray and any other metal refinishing does not include regold of trigger. For trigger regold prices please see other shop services below.

O/U & SxS Shotguns        
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Rebuild / Tighten Action of O/U & SxS Shotgun                                 More Information>

Rebuild Starting at:
First Barrel Set $340 *
Each Additional Barrel Set $225 each *

Note: 2, 3, and 4 Barrel sets require all barrels in the set to be rebuilt at the same time.    *Price does not include any additional parts that may be needed.

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Other Shop Services

Starting at:

Hourly Shop Rate $70
Hourly Shop Machining Rate $105
Clean, Inspect, Repair $70
Install Factory or Aftermarket Recoil Pad (Pad Included) $120
Gold Plate Trigger $55
Fit / Install Bradley Sight Set (Includes Front & Mid Bead) $50
Trigger Job Rifle $150
Trigger Job Shotgun (Per Trigger) $105
Trigger Job Semi Auto Pistol $140
Convert Shotgun Trigger (Inertia to Mechanical) $110
Install Gold or Silver Oval in Butt Stock (Includes 3 Letters) $250 & Up
Install Adjustable Comb $285 & Up
Open Fixed Choke Shotgun Barrels (Per Hole) $115
Install Graco Gra-Coil (Gra-Coil & Pad Sold Separately)
Install Graco Gra-Coil w/Adjustable LOP (Gra-Coil & Pad Sold Separately) $210
Install Graco Adjustable Pad System (Graco System & Pad Sold Separately) $210
Resolder Loose Rib (First Rib) $210
Each Additional Loose Rib $145
Note: All rib resolders will require a reblue of the barrels. See reblue prices above.