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Sako Scope Mounts & Rings

Owners of Sako hunting rifles can enjoy the unique advantages of the Sako Optilock scope mounts. The idea is simple: you need to sight your rifle in only once. Even if you have to remove the scope for cleaning or change between different types to fit changing situations. The Sako Optilock gives you a twofold benefit by offering better performance and ease of use. Midwest Gun Works is now carrying Sako Optilock scope mounting systems, bases and rings. We are currently stocking Sako Optilock hardware to fit most Sako Rifles.  Feel free to browse the categories below and if you don't see the Sako Optilock mounting hardware you are looking for, keep checking back. We update our website daily and are continually expanding our extensive inventory.

Specially Priced Sako Scope Mount Kits

Sako Scope Bases

Sako Scope Rings

Sako Quickmounts

Sako TRG mounts