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Beretta 12ga Mobilchoke Victory Extended Choke Tubes

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Beretta 12ga Mobilchoke Victory Extended Choke Tubes
Beretta 12ga Mobilchoke Victory Extended  Choke Tubes

Price: $39.00
In Stock
JCMEV18 / 12ga / Cyl.
JCMEV17 / 12ga / Skeet
JCMEV16 / 12ga / Imp. Cyl.
JCMEV05 / 12ga / Light Mod.
JCMEV15 / 12ga / Mod.
JCMEV14 / 12ga / Imp. Mod.
JCMEV03 / 12ga / Light Full
JCMEV13 / 12ga / Full
Description: Beretta Mobilchoke Victory Extended Chokes • Beretta shotgun choke tubes Made of high quality steel, these choke tubes have great stress resistance due to heat treatments. They are subjected to a special coating that guarantees high protection to corrosion. The Victory chokes are extended by 25mm-0.98” and their external shape has been studied in order to guarantee installation and de-installation without specific tools. •  The end of the choke is identified by a colored alloy stripe for fast and easy indication of the constriction (See chart below). These choke tubes will only fit 12 gauge shotguns with the Mobilchoke system. For help in identifying what type of choke you may have, please click here.
Manufacturer: Beretta
Code Description MSRP Our Price
JCMEV18 Cylinder $49.00 $39.00
JCMEV17 Skeet $49.00 $39.00
JCMEV16 Improved Cylinder $49.00 $39.00
JCMEV05 Light Modified $49.00 $39.00
JCMEV15 Modified $49.00 $39.00
JCMEV14 Improved Modified $49.00 $39.00
JCMEV03 Light Full $49.00 $39.00
JCMEV13 Full $49.00 $39.00
Note: These choke tubes will only fit 12 gauge shotguns with the Mobilchoke system.
Beretta choke tube color code:
White Full
Light Blue Cylinder
Yellow Improved Cylinder
Grey Light Full
Orange Light Modified
Green Modified
Red Skeet
Black Improved Modified

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Technical Specifications
In the year 2000 Beretta introduced the 12-gauge Optima barrel design into some of their competition shotguns. This new barrel utilized a larger internal bore dimension known to some as "back-boring" and required a new choke tube design to give the proper constrictions. The Optima barrels can be identified by locating the letters "OB" stamped next to the barrel gauge stamp. The Optima-Choke design also featured a longer internal taper, just ahead of the choke constriction, making the overall length of this tube longer than the original Mobilchoke tube. A key fact is that Optima-Choke tubes will only be found on 12 gauge competition Optima shotguns.

Optima-Choke Plus

With the introduction of the model 391 Xtrema shotguns in 2003 the Optima barrel configuration was added into the 391 12-gauge line of field shotguns. In order to handle a higher volume of steel shot shells used in field hunting, the Optima-Choke tube was revised and manufactured with a thicker wall size. This revised choke tube was named the Optima-Choke Plus and featured the same Optima-Choke internal dimensions and performance but has a larger outside diameter and revised thread location. A key fact is that Optima-Choke Plus tubes will only be found on 12 gauge field Optima shotguns (*except 471 Silver Hawk).

Other Specifics

Each of the above choke tube types is designed for use with a specific type barrel and as such features different thread locations and external measurements, none can be interchanged with the other Beretta choke types. Every Beretta choke tube has information engraved on the tube to identifying the manufacturer (PB), the constriction (F, IM, M,  IC, CYL), the approval for steel shot use (SP) and the choke type (Optima-Choke, Optima-Choke Plus)


Within each of the three choke types, different variations of length and finish are offered. The length variations available for each type is flush fit or extended choke tubes. Most field shotguns are equipped with flush chokes. Sporting and skeet shotguns will be equipped with extended tubes. The Beretta factory may supply trap guns with either choke variation as determined. Within the extended choke variations Beretta offers two finishes. Since the extended chokes are exposed past the shotgun muzzle they offer choke tubes with a black non-reflective finish for hunters.  A bright finish tube with colored bands is offered for competitive shooters, this band allows easy identification of the tube constriction.


It should be mentioned that two other choke types saw a limited use. Supplied with some 302 and 303 models shotguns was an early version of the Mobilchoke where the tube body was not threaded but smooth. This type tube was dropped into the muzzle end of the barrel and secured by collar threaded onto the barrel muzzle. This tube type is no longer available from Beretta. The second type was offered on an early version of the DT-10 shotgun made specifically for trap, this shotgun was known as the Vandalia model. These tubes are similar in size to the Optima choke flush tube but are not interchangeable with them.