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Apex Smith and Wesson Sigma Spring Kit

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Apex Smith and Wesson Sigma Spring Kit
Apex Smith and Wesson Sigma Spring Kit

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Descripton: Apex Smith and Wesson Sigma Spring Kit. Manufacturer: Apex Tactical. Specs: The Apex Sigma Spring Kit is designed as a drop in spring kit for the S&W Sigma Series Pistol. This kit was developed to reduce trigger pull weight while maintaining reliability. By installing the reduced weight striker block spring, the Sigma trigger pull is smoothed up and the reset becomes more pronounced. The reduced weight trigger return spring and striker spring allow for less uptake pressure to probide an easier trigger pull every time. Kit Includes: Apex Sigma Trigger Return Spring, Apex Sigma Striker Block Spring, Apex Sigma Striker Spring, Apex Sigma Slave Pin. Applicability: Fits Smith and Wesson Sigma "C", "F" and 
"VE" model Semi Auto Pistols. NOT applicable for the S&W SD or SD VE models. For SD and SD VE model guns, see the SD Spring Kit. Note: It is recommended that all Apex Tactical Specialties parts be installed by a qualified gunsmith.




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