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Winchester Model 94 Factory Parts Kit

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Winchester Model 94 Factory Parts Kit
Winchester Model 94 Factory Parts Kit

Code: W94PK
Price: $29.99
In Stock
Description: Winchester Model 94 Factory Parts Kit. MGW has assembled a collection of the most commonly asked for parts for the model 94 Rifle. This kit Includes: (1)Magazine Tube Spring, (1)Hammer Spring, (1)Front Band Screw, (1)Magazine Plug Screw, (1)Magazine Tube Limiter, (1)Friction Stud Stop Pin, (1)Finger Lever Pin, (1)Ejector Spring, (1)Trigger Stop Spring, (1)Upper Tang Screw, (1)Hammer Stop Plunger Spring and (1)Friction Stud Spring. In 2006 Winchester discontinued the production of the Model 94, its wood, and its mechanical parts as well. This may be your last chance to secure the parts that will insure proper function of your gun. This kit fits all Winchester 94 AE and any 94 with coil type hammer spring. Note: Part kit code is determined by the length of the magazine tube spring included in kit. All other parts are interchangeable amongst all models. 
Manufacturer: Winchester
Code Fits Model 94's Price
W94PK1 With Magazine tube 19" to 19 3/4" in length $29.99
W94PK2 With Magazine tube over 20" in length $29.99
W94PK3 With Magazine tube 12" to 18 3/4" in length $29.99
Note: Some Winchester 94 parts may require fitting/installation by a qualified gunsmith.

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