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Browning Auto 5 Screw Kit, 12 Gauge

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Browning Auto 5 Screw Kit, 12 Gauge
Browning Auto 5 Screw Kit, 12 Gauge

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Description: Browning Auto-5 Factory Screw Kit, 12 Gauge. This screw kit will fit all 12 gauge Magnum, Standard, and Light Auto-5 shotguns.   This kit features all of the visible external receiver screws.  A great way to spruce up any burred or damaged screws, this screw kit is a must have for any A-5 owner!!

The A-5 Screw Kit includes:

Manufacturer: Browning

Note: The screws in this kit are factory new and will require fitting to insure proper indexing. The Front and Rear Trigger Plate Screws and the 2 Carrier Screws DO NOT have the crescent cut-out for the Lock screws. The crescent for the lock screws will have to be cut out after the screws are fit and indexed.

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