The questions displayed below are the most asked questions about the MGW GUNXCHANGE program. Please click on any of the questions to see the answer. If the question you have is not answered below, please email us at for assistance.


A. The MGW GUNXCHANGE allows firearms enthusiasts to not only get that dream gun they've always dreamed of but also trade in a firearm in the process. GUNXCHANGE offers you the opportunity to "Trade in and Trade up". No matter the reason. This program is perfect for those who might not use an older firearm any longer, State compliance or just want to save more on that new firearm they have always wanted.

A. The initial form takes only minutes to fill out, and a GUNXCHANGE Tech will respond back to you within 1-2 business days. Shipping and FFL processing times will vary by location.

A. Midwest Gun Works will send you a return shipping kit. This will include a prepaid shipping label, case and box for you to ship your firearm to us. Please pack your firearm according to the instructions included and then either drop the package off at your nearest pickup location or hand it to the appropriate delivery driver.

Note: Any Firearms being returned in their original packaging will not be sent a case and will instead be sent an overpack box to protect the packaging from damage.

A. Yes, the packaging system MGW utilizes has been proven to protect your firearm during shipping. Any deviation from the included instructions may be cause for dismissal of your trade offer.

A. Midwest Gun Works will only accept firearms for the GUNXCHANGE program from the contiguous lower 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii.

A. There is absolutely no cost for the appraisal of a firearm sent in for the MGW GUNXCHANGE program. However, any fees your FFL charges for processing your transfer are the responsibility of the transferee.

A. Our GUNXCHANGE Technicians will evaluate the descriptions and images provided via the online form. Then our experts will determine a value based on current market value, age, condition and rarity of the firearm.

A. Any safely functioning firearms in good condition are eligible for the MGW GUNXCHANGE program.

Note: No airguns or muzzleloaders are eligible for the MGW GUNXCHANGE program.

A. No, Midwest Gun Works will only accept firearms from the rightful owners. If you are unsure if you qualify to take advantage of the GUNXCHANGE program, please contact us via email at

A. will only accept firearms with legible serial numbers that are in compliance with all BATF, Federal, State and local laws and regulations.

A. If the firearm received for inspection varies greatly from the one represented on the form and/or images submitted, if a completely different firearm is sent from what was represented on the form, or if a firearm is sent to Midwest Gun Works without being instructed to do so, all GUNXCHANGES will be cancelled and the sender will be charged $40 for return processing and shipping. reserves the right to deny any purchase.

A. We can return your firearm at any time before the GUNXCHANGE order has been processed. Once the order for the new firearm has been completed the old firearm becomes the property of Midwest Gun Works.

Note: any returned firearms will incur a $40 charge for return processing and shipping.

A. FFL location is in Pevely, Missouri.

A. The Midwest Gun Works GUNXCHANGE offers are valid for 5 business days from the time the offer is sent via Email.

A. All inquiries about the status of a GUNXCHANGE should be sent via email to

A. Yes, Midwest Gun Works will apply the value of all firearms submitted towards the value of the GUNXCHANGE firearm.