Fill out our online GUNXCHANGE form and tell us about the trade-in firearm you have. Don't forget to also tell us what firearm you want to trade-up for. Filling out this online trade-in form is quick and easy. Simply fill in the required fields below, upload some good pictures of your firearm and submit the request. Our GUNXCHANGE Techs will contact you shortly so we can come to a good arrangement for your trade-in.

The whole submission process only takes a few minutes to complete, allowing you to get your information to our GUNXCHANGE Techs for evaluation quickly. We want you to spend more time in the field or at the range, and less time online.

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Additional Notes / Info

Please give us some more information about your firearm in the field below. Some examples of things to include is the barrel length, number / capacity of magazines, details about any damage or wear, scope / sight details, bipod, choke tubes or any other accessory that makes your firearm awesome.

The more information you can provide, the better. We aim to give you the best value for your trade-in, so knowing everything about your firearm really helps in giving you the highest amount towards that new gun you are wanting.

The Firearm On Our Site You Want

You're here for a reason, you want a new gun that you'll actually use! Please put either the URL or Product Code of the firearm you are interested in on our site in the box below. You can also just type out the Make / Model so we can help you narrow down the options. If you are not yet sure what new gun you want, no worries, just leave this blank and we can always come back to it in our follow up emails.

Your Preferred FFL Dealer

Do you have a preferred FFL dealer for us to ship to? As with any firearm sale, we have to ship directly to a licensed FFL dealer and from there you can pick up your new purchase. Please state below if you have a dealer in mind that you want us shipping the new firearm to. Then please provide some information about your dealer so we have it on file and ready for later when we process your new purchase. If you are not sure yet or need to do some research, no biggie, just select 'No Preferred Dealer'.

PLEASE NOTE: Some older devices and browsers may have trouble uploading photos. If a picture taken via your device's camera fails to upload, try taking your pictures first and then attach them. If your device is unable to submit this form or images are not uploading, please contact us.

Required Photos

Please upload both a Left and Right side photo of the firearm you would like to trade-in. These two (2) photos are required and should show the entire view of each respective side as clearly as possible. Upon submission and review, our GUNXCHANGE Techs may request additional images if needed to form an initial offer.

Left Side of Firearm
Right Side of Firearm

Additional Views

Does your firearm sport any cool accessories, extra mags, original packaging or other notable features? Please include up to four (4) additional photos below showcasing these extras so that our GUNXCHANGE Techs can ensure you get the most bang for your trade-in.

Additional Firearm View - 1
Additional Firearm View - 2
Additional Firearm View - 3
Additional Firearm View - 4

Damage / Wear

Guns are supposed to be used, we get it. That's why we understand a firearm may pick up some dings and scratches along the way. Please upload up to four (4) photos below that showcase any visual damage on the firearm. Our GUNXCHANGE Techs do need to know of any damage the firearm carries to ensure the best trade-in value for everyone.
Be sure to add notes about damage or wear to the "Additional Notes / Info" field above. Failure to disclose known or obvious damage to the firearm may result in a cancelation of your trade-in request.

Firearm Damage / Wear - 1
Firearm Damage / Wear - 2
Firearm Damage / Wear - 3
Firearm Damage / Wear - 4